Baobabs don't grow here

Produced by: Fresco Theatre 2001
Directed by: Sylvaine Strike
Devised by: The Company
Performers: James Cuningham, Helen Iskander
Awards: Total Theatre Award Nomination, Edinburgh Festival
Winner of Rosalie van Den Gucht New Director Award: Sylvaine Strike


Produced by:
Jacques van Jaarsveld, 2008
Directed by: Brian Webber and Toni Morkel
Performers: Jaques van Jaarsveld
Lighting: Oliver Hause

Pregnant Pause

Produced by: Daphne Kuhn, Theatre on the Square 2008
Directed by: Sylvaine Strike
Devised by: the Company
Michael Richard, Charmaine Weir-Smith
Set: Sylvaine Strike
Declan Randall
Awards: Naledi Theatre Award Nominations:
Best Actor in a Comedy: Michael Richard
Best Actress in a Comedy: Charmaine Weir-Smith

The Butcher Brothers, 2010

Produced by:
The Dark Laugh Productions
Directed by:
Sylvaine Strike
Assistant Director:
Daniel Buckland
Performed by: Mongi Mthombeni and Jacques de Silva
Devised by: the Company